Jay’s gay agenda book review + thanksgiving freebie

Today I’ll share with you my discovery of the week: Jay’s gay agenda by Jason June.

I’ve had this one on my list of ideas for my kindle for months so when it came to pick a new audiobook with my monthly Audiobook.com credit I got this book & I don’t regret it!

Jay seems to be the only gay kid in his small town and while his friends go through their share of hookups, he’s making a list of things he dreams of doing, romance wise: the Jay’s gay agenda.

When out of blue his family moves to Seattle his senior year is looking pretty good: a high school with a bunch of LGBTQ+ kids means a lot of opportunities and he’s sure to go through his list in no time. Easy, right? Of course not! 

We follow Jay as he meets cute guys, makes friends, and tries to balance this new life with his old one. As I was seeing him make mistakes after mistakes I was yelling at my phone “Jay don’t do that, you’re going to hurt someone / regret it” but of course he didn’t listen. And then I realised that I made the same mistakes at his age because, well that’s life. We’re humans, we learn as we go.

I love that his to do list start with cute stuffs (meet a guy / hold hands/ dance) and evolve into sex oriented things as he gets older. I absolutely loved that it was sex positive, with no judgment over who’s having sex or not. I also think it was an interesting change to include a “not so perfect life” storyline with his best friend’s problems because many people face the same kind of situations as Lou does.

I had a really good time with this book and the audio version was really nice to listen to! I’ll look forward to Jason’s future books!

I’m not American but since it’s thanksgiving I’m sharing some of my art as freebies today!

Just click on the picture and save on your computer. Easy peasy!
(Remember though that my art is for personal use only.)

Don’t hesitate to have a look at my Etsy where you can download my art to print at home.
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I hope you’re enjoying a good week end with your loved ones wether you’re celebrating thanksgiving or not.
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