Queen of air & darkness book review + shadowhunters freebie

Shadowhunters freebie at the end!

Today I’m going to do something crazy & review a book right after finishing it (instead of thinking of writing a review and letting it in my draft pile for months 😜)

My collection of Shadowhunters physical books

This morning I finished “Queen of Air & Darkness” (QOAAD for short) and I want to celebrate this because it means I finally finished The Dark Artifices series AND it means that I’ve finally caught up with ALL the Shadowhunters books.

Long story short, I got introduced to the Shadowhunters world back in 2015, the 1st time I was on Bookstagram. Back then a friend recommended me City of bones and I had no idea it would be the first of many books (20 books so far if I’m counting correctly )

I’ll be honest, I almost stopped after book 1 because of the revelation at the end. But my friend sent me a big “trust me, you should go on, wink wink” I trusted her and read all The Mortal Instruments séries. I like them (the 2nd trilogy a bit less though) but my biggest surprise was with The Infernal Devices. This serie is set in the same world but in Victorian England and I completely fell in love with those characters. I think I read the 3 books in 10 days and more than 5 years later it’s still among my favourite books. (The audiobooks were part of my top 10 recommendation post) I’ve read and listened to TID many times since!

The mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices series

Since 2015 I’ve read all the new books as soon as they came out. The Last Hours serie has been a big source of happiness (and tears) in 2020/2021 and I can’t wait for its conclusion next year.

But for some reason when QOAAD came out in 2018 I didn’t read it. I don’t know if it was because I was in a lot of pain or because I didn’t feel like going back into this story after the heartbreak of Lord of shadows. Anyway here we were in 2021 with this last book still unread in my TBR pile, even though I read all the other ones that came after.

Since I read “Ghosts of the Shadow Market“ before reading this one (& because of Pinterest) I already knew a lot of big plot points before starting this one but at least it helped me and reassured me about the fate of some of the characters.

I think one of the thing that kept me pushing it back on my reading pile was its size. I’m not afraid of a big book but it also means that the characters you know and love are going to go through a lot of things and sometimes it’s too much to handle. Also I needed to refresh my memory about the events of Lord of shadows since it’s been years since I’ve read it. I mostly did that with the audiobook and I was finally ready to dive into QOAAD!

The Dark Artifices serie

Since I really wanted to be done with it before the 28th (for another book release) I did a combo of reading & audiobook. The book was almost 900 pages and the audio version 30 hours but combined together I managed to get through it in a week! What a rollercoaster of emotions in this one week! I admit that I think 900 pages was too much but I understand that Cassandra had a lot to cover since she wanted to deal with the new characters and the ones from TMI. Plus she had to set the story for her next and final trilogy.

Combined with the audiobook I managed
to get through this “monster” in a week! 😀

So much happened in this last book that it’s quite hard to untangle everything now that I’m done with it:

– a lot of betrayal, of course! It wouldn’t be a Shadowhunters story without a good back stabbing here and there!

– Kisses and soft sex scenes as usual 🥰

– A lot of time in Faerie (too much for me. I love Mark and Kieran but there’s always so much heartbreak when the characters go there)

– The chapters in Thule were depressing but interesting. It’s crazy to think of what their world would have been if Clary had failed in City of heavenly fire…

– A lot of different POV, probably more than in the other ones since there were so many characters here but it keeps things interesting

– Some big revelations about Kit, the parabatai bond, the politics…

– Many changes in the world that we’ve known for years, especially with Alicante…

Official art for Queen of air & darkness by Alice Duke

What I loved about this conclusion:

– Seeing the bond between Kit and Ty. I love how protective Kit is of him and how much he loves Ty. I can’t wait to see what’s next for them in the next series. I expect a lot of growth from both!

– The loving relationship between Kieran, Mark and Cristina

– Getting to see more of Dru, the Rosales, Diana…

– The lovely couples! (I’m a sucker for a good love story😍)

– The last scene on the beach that we’ve been waited for for years! 💒

– Kit’s fate

– So much surprises with some of the characters’ powers, Alicante, Zara,…

– Kieran’s evolution since the 1st book 🧝‍♂️

– Seeing all the TMI characters, especially Alec. I was so proud of him, he has evolved so much since City of bones! And their interactions with TDA characters were precious!

– And many other things that will come back to me later!

My Shadowhunters notebook to keep track
of everything between books

Since Chain of Gold I started to keep a notebook with notes about characters and plot points as I read along to make it easy for me to read the next book the next year. Am I crazy? Am I the only one doing this?

I’d also love to recommend you the audiobook version, read by James Marsters (aka Spike in Buffy) He reads Lord of shadows and QOAAD and I was really impressed by his performance: reading a book with so many characters and still managing to get all their voices right is a big challenge. I love that he even managed to capture Jace’s funny personality even though he’s not a big character in this series.

Have you read all the Shadowhunters books? Which serie is your favourite?

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