TOP 10 books i want to to read in 2021 (Shadowhunters freebie included)

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll share my TOP 10 books on my TBR list for 2021 (TBR= To Be Read 😉
They are not all 2021 releases but books I plan to read this year. Some have been in my TBR for a while and some are more recent additions. I’ll add the Amazon links in the titles so you can see their stories.

So let’s start, in no particular order!

  1. Gumiho, wicked fox by Kat Cho

My friend Maria gave me this one few months ago but I haven’t got around to read it yet. I need to be in “the mood” when I start a book and I had many other things I wanted to read to end the year. But I think the timing is finally right since I started it last night!

This YA novel is about a nine tails fox from the Korean mythology so it should be interesting. Let me know if you’ve read it already, I know there’s already a sequel out.

2. Almond, by Won-pyung Sohn 

If you see a connection between my two first books it’s normal: both are by Korean and Korean American authors! I got interested in South Korean culture since I discovered BTS in 2018 and since this one has been read by RM and Yoongi it got me curious to read it. (I’ll have more post about Korea and my favourite band later!) I usually don’t buy books in advance since I read on kindle 90% of the time but it was among the deals of the day recently so it’s waiting for me on my reader!

3. The Lost Book of the White, by Cassandra Clare

This one has been on my Kindle since its release in September but I wanted to keep it for a special time to enjoy it in one week end. Unfortunately so far I haven’t plan this nice quiet time yet.

I love Magnus & Alex’s characters so I’m so happy Cassandra decided to write this book series about them! (Stay tuned for Malec themed freebie at the end of this post!)

4. Chain of Iron, by Cassandra Clare

I’ve been reading the Shadowhunters books since 2015 when I was on Bookstagram. I started with The Mortal instruments but my favourite ones are The Infernal Devices set in Victorian England. There’s something about this era and those characters that I prefer so it made sense that I would wait this new series with anticipation. I loved Chain of gold last year and can’t wait to get my copy of book 2. There was so many new characters (connected to old characters) that I had to keep a notebook with pages on each one because I knew I would forget details in a year time! Who else does that? I’m glad I did it will be easier to read this one.

I usually read on my Kindle but for those I prefer to get the physical book in my hands to go back and forth between my notes. I know my copy will take some time to arrive through bookdepository because of covid but it’s fine I’ll be patient!

5. A tale of sorcery, by Chris Colfer

This one is more in the children section than the YA section for a change. I love Chris Colfer and his books have a big importance in my house. I discover his Land of stories series alone in 2016 and then read the 1st one to my elder son who fell in love with this universe so much that he’s been listening to the 6 audiobooks non stop since 2017! When he finishes one he just starts another one again. I can assure you we’re all familiar with Chris Colfer’s voice in my family now!

Two years ago he started “A tale of” series which is a prequel to the Land of stories books. I love this new series even more, you can feel how much his writing has improved since his first book. My youngest son (8) just finished the first “tale of” book so we’re all excited for this 3rd book release in September! A great series for all age!

6. Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard, by Rick Riordan

I love all of Rick Riordan’s books and how his universe can teach young and old readers a lot about mythology while having great adventures. I read all the Percy Jackson series in 2016 and was so happy when my eldest son (10) read them too last year.

He just started the first Magnus Chase so I’m rereading it along with him. In case like this we try to read at the same pace, each on our book/ device so we can talk about it daily. I love doing this with both my kids. It’s a lot of “so did you see that? Oh I love this joke! This character is so funny!”
That’s how, at the moment, I’m rereading Magnus #1 with kid 1 and A tale of witchcraft with kid 2 while reading my own books on top!

7. Any Way the Wind Blows , by Rainbow Rowell

Have you read a book that was supposed to be a stand alone and turned out to be a series later ? It was my case with the Simon Snow books. I read the 1st one when it was released (in 2015 if my memory is good) and for years it lived in my head as this one book that I loved. Until Rainbow Rowell gave us a sequel in 2019. I love what she did with Simon in this sequel and can’t wait to read how it ends for those characters! It’s like Harry Potter but with swearing and more diversity (LGBTQ and characters of color)

8. Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World,by  Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Sorry no picture of the new book yet

“Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” is an exception to my own bookish rule of “no sad book” To be clear, that doesn’t mean I only read 100% happy stories but those last few years I tend to avoid novels with too much violence, rape,… and most of the time I pick happier stories for my mental health. Ari & Dante is not extremely violent but there’s a profound sadness to it. But I can’t help it I love this book, it’s so poetic, so beautifully written. It took the author many years to write this sequel but I waited patiently and can’t wait to see what’s the rest of Ari and Dante’s story. I just hope it won’t break my heart.

9. Kate in waiting, by Becky Albertalli

Becky Albertalli is one of my auto buy author. I don’t think, I pre order right away. I love her characters and her simplicity. When I discovered Simon vs the homosapiens agenda I think I read it 5 times in a year and listened to the audiobook multiple times too. I love all her novels but none as much as the Simon verse one. This one is Simon free but I’m excited to read it too!

10. The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks, by Mackenzi Lee 

And last but not least on my 2021 TBR list: the last book of the Montague Siblings series! This might be by most anticipated read of 2021 because I’ve been waiting for this book for…2 years!

As you can see I pre ordered it as soon as it was announced in November 2019! It was first due in August 2020 but with time I kept getting those Amazon email telling me the publication date had been pushed. So it got pushed to December 2020 then April 2021 and finally November 2021! I thought it was all due to covid but Mackenzi explained recently that it was because she wanted to rework it before publishing it. I totally understand her decision,I think it’s better to take your time and release a book you’re proud of. Especially since this will concludes a big trilogy for her! So you can imagine how excited I am about this book!!

That’s it for my top 10! Let me know those you’ve read or plan to read too!

I’ll leave you with those 2 free Shadowhunters printable I made some years ago. For personal use only.

You can find them on Tshirt in my shop

Free printable of Magnus Bane quote
“I never date anyone my cat doesn’t like”
Free printable of Alexander Lightwood painting

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