gamer Free printable: perfect for a video game party!

Hi there everyone!

I hope you all had a great week!

I kept myself very busy with work. It seems that everyday new design ideas pop up in my brain while I already have a hundred other ideas waiting to be done! It’s a struggle but I try to make a list to see what my priorities are! But never mind I still find time to make some freebies for my readers! And today the theme is VIDEO GAMES!!

“5 more minutes”
The classic gamer saying, am I right?
A cute Toad art “I don’t get old I get bigger”
Perfect for a video game/ Mario themed party

Do you like to play video games?
I grew up playing the usual classics on the Super Nes like Mario Kart or Donkey Kong Country. Later on I loved PC games like the classic Sims, but also this most obscure one called Toonstruck! Does anyone know this one? It was a point and click puzzle adventure with Christopher Lloyd jumping in the world of toons! It was deliciously weird and I loved it so much! It was my first point and click and I loved how you had to assemble some unusual objects together. It seems that it has been re-released so I’ll have to check if I can get it on my Mac!

Toonstruck, a weird but fantastic game from the 90’s!

I married a man who loved video games so they never left my life and I spent many hours watching him kill people on Assassin’s Creed or steal cars in GTA! With time I started playing a bit here and there too but like many, it’s 2020 that really brought me to games. My husband bought Animal Crossing for our kids and in the end I became the most invested in it in our house. I now have my own Nintendo Switch so I’m playing more games. I will probably have several posts about my Animal Crossing island later on because it’s all Doctor Who themed! Yes I couldn’t help but bring my love for DW in the game so my island is called Gallifrey and so far I’ve created houses for the Doctor, Amy, Clara and Bill!

The irony is that my kids don’t play ACNH much anymore but are loving the old Mario games! They are also playing Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Kirby Clash, Luigi Mansion and Mario Odyssey.

Let me know in the comments what games you play!

Today’s printable are perfect to decorate your house, to turn into stickers (digital or paper) or for a video games party:
– 1 “5 more minutes” art print with a watercolor Playstation controller
– 1 Toad art print “I don’t get old I get bigger”
– Both are A4 size. For personal use only.

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I made another version of the Playsation one and other designs with Nintendo Switch and Super NES.

They are available in my Etsy shop:

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