Hello world!

Welcome to my blog & to my website!

I’m Maeva, a French mom who’s been living out of France since 2006. We’ve lived in Tokyo and Singapore for a while but Hong Kong has been our home for the last 6 years.

On top of being a mom & an expat I’m a lot of other things:
– a digital artist: I draw every day & sell my art online.
– a wife to a wonderful man that has been sharing my life for 20 years!
– a bookworm: I read all the time, on kindle or paper, in English and French, fiction or non fiction!
– a fan of BTS, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Jane Austen, South Korea, Richard Armitage’s smile and so much more!
– a Spoonie suffering from intense chronic pain due to copper poisoning. I will have a detailed blog post about it later on since I know it could help others.
– a writer. My children book should come out this year if my health allows it!

I hope to use this blog to meet new people and share my art with you.
I will upload free printable regularly so stay tuned!

Maeva D.

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